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207 N. Main St.     Ann Arbor     Phone: (734) 263-1296

More than 4,000 years ago, the world’s first beer was brewed in Sumer, an area now better known as Mesopotamia. The deity those ancient brewers worshiped was Siris, goddess of beer; daughter of Ninkasi, the goddess of alcohol. In honor of that heritage, we have adopted Her name for our restaurant and cigar bar.

Like those ancient brewers we dug deep, by hand, to create Siris. Located at 207 N. Main St., we excavated many tons of soil, rocks, and yes, even actual boulders to excavate the space we needed. Now home to more than 120 draft beers, hundreds of bottles, a vast array of fine spirits, and the finest cigars, Siris offers a sensory experience you won’t find anywhere else in Ann Arbor.

More than one hundred fine craft and import beers are served at peak freshness thanks to our cutting-edge BeerSaver tap system installed deep in the heart of the building. Hundreds more options are available by the bottle, as are a huge variety of fine wines and spirits.

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Deeply smoked in-house with locally sourced woods, our BBQ offerings include regional favorites as well as some ideas from further afield. Try classic items like Baby Back Ribs or BBQ Chicken, or less common fare such as our Scotch Egg or sweet, crispy and delicious Candied Maple Bacon. A wide variety of sauces can please any palate and perfectly complement the menu.

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A rarity in this era, Siris offers our guests the finest cigar options from our carefully curated humidor. Eat your fill then sit back and relax deeply with your favorite beer, wine or cognac as you savor the flavor of your favorite cigar. For those who do not partake, our ventilation system constantly freshens the air, ensuring an enjoyable eating experience for all of our guests.